Безпека є абсолютною необхідністю в проекті економічного розвитку

Lafayette Protection’s main ambition is to be a trusted partner that provides the best service in terms of expertise, strategy and reliability throughout a project.


The necessity of security

Our ambition is to support our clients in the definition of their economic Development Strategy, from tactics to implementation, logistics and Customs or other legal aspects. Whatever our customer’s challenges, we can propose pioneering solutions to meet security challenges, for people’s security challenges among others.

We propose solutions after outlining our customer’s needs and all of our solutions meet strict standards. Lastly, we ambition to encourage creativity in our sector by imagining novel or unexpected solutions to meet the challenges of our era.

« Security should not be an occasional concern, it should be part of Company culture »

Each person, from the CEO to the intern, has a crucial role to play in protecting the company, its clients and its reputation. ».

Thomas Moreau

Founding Director, Lafayette Risk Intelligence


Our values drive every one of our projects


Our team comprises senior professionals that specialize in Fields such as Counseling, Industrial and Medical projects, Energy, Security, Project Management. They are able to propose and carry out tailored solutions that demand a high level of expertise and experience.


Our ambition is to be a partner that cares and listens to our customer’s needs, to be able to propose a solution that really meets their challenges. Listening and caring also makes us able to support our clients in clarifying their needs and to provide the best solutions.


We aim to be a partner on which you can fully count and that provides the best service and the best products at the best price, throughout the project.


We rely on our ability to innovate and offer original solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. This is reflected in our team’s proactive approach to anticipating market trends and its agility in integrating new technologies to enhance the user experience. We are open to collaboration and the sharing of ideas, fostering a stimulating environment where collective creativity can flourish.