We support you at any stage of your project

Our offer and solutions are based on a thorough knowledge of local stakeholders and integrates a large panel of expertises and innovation solutions that cover aspects such as Counseling, Intelligence, Logistics support and Personal Security.

How we work

The expertise comes in at all stages of your project


Our areas of expertise

Business diplomacy

Strategic intelligence is key for a business development project to become true. Our business diplomacy expertise provides you with:

  • The right information (trustworthy, recent, thorough) to take good strategic decisions for your project.
  • The real decision-makers and key business stakeholders to involve in order for your project to be a success.
  • Access to the key stakeholders and support to promote your project, follow up and negotiate if need be.

Business development

Business intelligence is key to ensure you have access to all of the market insights that are relevant to your project. Our business development expertise provides you with:

  • a competitor analysis of your market in Ukraine to identify your direct or indirect competitors, as well as their strengths and weaknesses versus your business and your development project.
  • due diligence services to ensure that you have all necessary information to make the best decisions, be it for a partnership, an acquisition, vendor or distributor research or hiring new team members.
  • the tools to fight against fraud, whichever your area of expertise, in order to defend your business and consumers against fraud and its consequences. We support you with the legal and operational aspects in order to protect your economic development project.

Security audit

Our experts have a thorough knowledge of the general and specific risks your activity could encounter in Ukraine. To ensure the best conditions for your project in Ukraine, be it to build industrial sites, shopping malls, warehouses or company headquarters, our experts will provide you with:

  • a Security Audit with a detailed analysis of the level of resistance to intrusion, the level of hermeticity of people and goods’ circulation procedures, identified flaws regarding fraud risk, an audit of the architecture and running of security systems (video surveillance, access control, alarms…), Security personnel organisation and efficiency.
  • an Electronic Safety Audit with an investigation about eventual covert listening devices or secret recordings.
    All of our Security Audits present our observations as well as recommendations in order of priority, to ensure an optimal level of security, in the shape of a Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

Project management & support

We support you in all of the phases of your project to set up the necessary services and resources from the initial stages to the operational and final implementation phases of your project. Our projects support expertise provides you with:

  • Strategic information and data in the early stages of the project to grasp the overall environment of your project with as much accuracy as possible.
  • Hiring employees or contractors (Logistics, Security, Operations…)
  • Project Management on site: team leadership, reporting to back office teams
  • Logistics Management and making tools and equipment available.
  • Security organisation set up with personnel and procedures.
  • The elaboration and set up of electronic security devices: video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection systems.

Trip risk assessment

As part of your Business development project you may need to travel, in the safest conditions, inside Ukraine but also in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldavia.
Our team of analysts can prepare and plan your trips (security analysis, safe itineraries) and ensure ongoing operational follow-up (geolocation, customs checkpoint choice to avoid peaks of traffic…). On the field, our security teams are deployed and in constant liaison with the first team. We provide you with:

  • A vehicle from our fleet, that is adapted to your needs (sedan, minivan, minibus, luxury car, armoured car)
  • An experienced chauffeur with defensive driving training and a thorough knowledge of the Ukrainian territory
  • One or several bodyguards, perfectly fluent in English,Ukrainian and Russian, with experience and all required certificates as well as medical emergency first aid training.
  • A set of necessary equipment included: Medical emergency kit, Phone and satellite tracker, bulletproof vest and helmet, respiratory protection mask, CBRN protection).

Crisis management 24/7 hotline

You may encounter emergency situations where crisis management is needed immediately, especially in a country at war. For the most urgent situations, La Fayette Risk Intelligence operates a local hotline that is available 24/7. Our local and multi-disciplinary experts will support you quickly and efficiently with :

  • Language assistance: our hotline can support you with communication in English, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • Operational assistance: support while you travel (transportation, security, recommendations on the best itineraries, hotels…)
  • Medical assistance: support in case of illness, accidents or medical repatriation
  • Legal and administrative assistance.

Medical evacuation

In the context of your Business Development project, you may encounter medical emergency situations with an urgent need for a professional and quick response. La Fayette Risk Intelligence, in partnership with the Dobrobut Ukrainian Medical Centre, is able to

  • operate 24/7 medical assistance and emergency services. Our multilingual team (English, Ukrainian, Russian) partners with the best Health professionals in Ukraine and is able to coordinate and manage assistance operations.
  • coordinate medical evacuation operations inside Ukraine or from the Ukrainian territory to a neighbouring country.

Sourcing & distribution

Part of your project may imply to source products or to distribute your products in Ukraine. We work with trusted partners and can offer a wide range of solutions:

  • Losberger de Boer : bunkers; lifebases…
  • KOPP : equipments and solutions to secure infrastructures
  • Exavision : security and surveillance solutions for extreme conditions
  • Lumira DX
  • Nateosanté : air purifying and monitoring solutions
    Lafayette can also support you with promoting and distributing your products in Ukraine, if they are related to our areas of expertise. For more information, get in touch with producurementlafayette@…


Our expertise in action


Fighting airborne contagion at Ipag Ukraine

The Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine welcomes patients with infectious and contagious diseases that, in times of war, have a higher risk of spreading. Lafayette Risk Intelligence implemented Air purifying solutions in high risk areas at the Institute. The Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine welcomes patients with infectious and contagious diseases that, in times of war, have a higher risk of spreading. Lafayette Risk Intelligence implemented Air purifying solutions in high risk areas at the Institute.

Nestlé Ukraine

Providing protection for Nestlé employees in Ukraine

Nestlé Ukraine was faced with a problem arising from the outbreak of war and Russian bombing raids throughout Ukraine, especially on their Kherson site. As they had no underground safe zone, they asked Lafayette Risk Intelligence teams to find an effective solution that could be deployed very quickly to protect their employees in the event of an alert. Lafayette Risk Intelligence in partnership with the French company Loseberger de Bauer, developed an armoured mobile bunker concept, the first to be imported in Ukraine. Based on maritime containers, our partner applied a certified BF6 ballistic metal coating. All our mobile bunkers were also equipped with autonomous batteries and air conditioning. 5 weeks after the request, 3 of our mobile bunkers were delivered and installed at the 2 sites.